Jewellery Care

Below are some easy care instructions to help look after your Skari jewellery and keep it in great condition:
Good Practice
Hand wash, perfumes, chlorine, detergents, and oils can sometimes cause tarnishing or damage to the surface finish of your jewellery. Apply any perfumes or cosmetics before you put on any jewellery to avoid this. It is sensible not to wear jewellery whilst swimming, bathing, showering, doing household tasks or whilst exercising. Store your jewellery separately so it doesn’t rub and scratch against each other.
As with any handmade jewellery, my pieces are delicate and should not be worn when showering/bathing or playing any sport/strenuous activity.
Brass naturally tarnishes/oxidises over time, and takes on a beautiful patina. However if you want to get back the shine of your piece, it is easy to clean and look after. Here are our top tips:
Polished brass (and copper) components can simply be cleaned back to their original appearance using a standard brass metal polish (Maas and Brasso are our favourite brands). Always follow the manufacturers instructions for your polish. Do not use any jewellery/metal cleaner if your piece has a patina, the cleaner will strip it. Instead use a soft cloth to polish back or contact for advice.
Silver is a metal that will naturally tarnish and oxidise over time. It may get a little duller and sometimes can develop a yellow/brownish tinge. This can usually be brought back to life with a good polish. There are silver polishing cloths that may help or contact for advise.
Ring Sizing
I work in UK ring sizes. It is the responsibility of the customer to give the correct size information. Please ensure you have measured your finger correctly. If you are unsure please purchase one of our ring sizers and it will be sent out to you same day in most cases. Return postage is the responsibility of the customer. I recommend using a tracked and traced service for security. Skari Jewellery can not be held responsible for any loss or damage during transit.